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YA Fantasy (mild Christian themes)


Marriage between the clans can keep the peace for only so long.

In the world of Orinda there are countries surrounding a central land that is under small clan rule. Kyrie, a republican government to the north had been at war with one of these small clans when Chief Leofric of Frys was killed.

There was a song of a rhymester in  Kyrie that spoke of a girl born on the fifth day of the fifth month under a full luna and under her rule, the lands of Orinda would be at peace and the clans within it would be united as one.

Lunamae was born on such a night to Chief Dame Angharad, wife of the late Leofric. It is through Lunamae that the clans decide to unify – if only she is married to a Kyrian, to further secure the bond. Angharad still holds hostilities even though the corrupted officials which caused the war had been thrown out into exile. Can Angharad get past the hate that has been haunting her since the death of her husband?

From the Author
This story was started after Lady From Day was finished, for NaNo 2009. It is complete at around 72,000 words. It is set about 500 years before Lady From Day, but can be read in no order.

This is protected by US Copyright (2010). eISBN: 9780989358408

I am seeking representation for this and other novels.

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