Lady From Day

Chapter 4 – A Kingly Encounter

Well it is the time when I shall see the king. I hope I can save his daughter from her own prison, I thought to myself the next morning as I walked into the great hall. The feast tables were all gone, replaced by a long red velvet carpet spanning the distance of the expansive room and ending at the bottom of a set of five steps, each representing the five founding villages of the the present kingdom of Feyris: Alta, Pinor, Felyn, Moir Awin, and Bexweth. There were other villages that signed into a treaty to join with Feyris but they weren’t initiators of the peace.

The village of Alta is no longer, it became part of what is now Feyris castle and its immediate land — not the kingdom on the whole. I don’t know why they have to make their names all the same. Bexweth remains an abbey and monastery. It’s filled by those studying the mysteries of the one they call Creator through the Text of Illumination. At the top of the steps was a large oaken throne, bedazzled with gilded gold perfected with just as wonderful mahogany and cherry wood insets.

There were spectacular engravings upon the magnificent furniture depicting the crowning of kings and winning of battles. The only presence in the room besides mine and some guards was the robust man on his royal throne. I started gaping at the old king. He was laden in rich purple robes, white fur lining the edges. The delicate embroidery on the sleeves was of soft vines, made of a vibrant but refreshing green. A few spots of blue peeked from the vines and bloomed into magnificent flowers. I realized my jaw had dropped (almost to the floor) so I quickly closed it and addressed his decked-out-majesty,

“King Birchell?” I inquired nervously as I bowed. I was waiting for a formal announcement of my presence, but it never came, so I decided to present myself. Luckily in the Feyris kingdom, subjects don’t always need to wait to be introduced. I knew Chalos had a law forbidding such things and I’ve heard people have gone to prison or even have died for speaking out of turn to their queen. Fanarion is very strict when it comes to introductions as there always must be a person of the court making the welcome.

“Yes, and you must be Lia Dhobhar.” He smiled (apparently he noticed my jaw) and chuckled gently so as not to make me feel as though he was laughing at me, but more to make me at ease. I bowed and replied,

“Your Majesty, I want so much to help the princess,” I said, clasping my hands together in humble sincerity. He nodded in understanding as if he knew what I was saying to be from my heart.

“Yes, I believe you can,” he said. I was shocked and gaped at him with an open mouth. With all of the people who have come and gone, his instant belief in me was unexpected. I stumbled out my reply.

“B-but but, sir, I haven’t even told you what my plan was.”

“That doesn’t matter, you don’t need to. I know you can do it,” he said, shifting in his throne. “I have seen the eyes of my child, and there is a hope in those two innocent eyes I haven’t seen in years. I truly believe you can help her. I may believe in the unbelievable, but trusting my instincts is something I am adamant about. Do you understand?” I was trembling in surprise, and the king raised and walked down to me and rested a hand on my shoulders. I began to calm under his reassuring touch and comforting fatherly voice. “You don’t have to be important to help someone you know. I think such is your fear, and the reason why you doubt yourself. I am certain you heard about the mages which came here from Fanarion to help my child, but you are just as gifted as they. Somehow you changed my daughter, I can see it in her eyes, If you can make my daughter believe she can be cured when all others have failed, then you can find a way.” He went back to his throne and sat down, his bones creaking with sorrowed age. The years of trauma he had gone through had taken its toll on his
weary soul.

“Thank you, Your Majesty, for believing in me.” I relaxed and he lifted his hand to return to his chair’s plush armrests. I bowed once again and he responded with a smile,

“You’re welcome. You thought I was going to interrogate you to find out your intentions, didn’t you? I was going to ask you a series of questions, but it wasn’t necessary after today,” said King Birchell, who then pointed to the doors. “You’ll find fresh clothes out in the overflow room across the hall. I know you’ve had a long journey. Relax and do what you think what needs to be done. I will be waiting for a hasty but successful return.”

“Thank you sire,” I said and took my leave of the king and found my way out of the door. I went across the hall to the overflow room he mentioned and about gasped at what was placed before me. There was a gorgeous short-sword, complete with jeweled hilt and enameled scabbard. I also saw a dress, hunter green with silver trim, strewn across a chair. Nearby was a pair of trousers and shirt. I always wear trousers when traveling. They are much more comfortable and giving on a long journey. When Sig and I were growing up, I took a fancy to running off with clothes from his room so I could wear them. I liked how I could easily move around. Unfortunately, my parents didn’t approve of my tomboyish character (although they didn’t care as much about what I wore — many farming women wore pants). My father after many deliberations finally gave in to my pleadings and readily accepted me as one who was a woman but prefers not to grow up to be a housewife. I think my mother would accept me if I ever found a husband. As it stands, she is more than willing to be cordial and the like, but I can’t ever really mention what I do around her or she starts getting cross and ignores me. The world of Orinda is changing and I want to change with it. Now certainly I did like being girly, but it wasn’t practical for travel.

I found a small room near the hall and so I took the dress in hand, laid it on the floor, and changed into the trousers. After getting everything back together, I strapped the sword I had been given to my side and looked into a nearby floor mirror. I looked like a warrior. Oh Father would be proud! I thought to myself and I went out the door and down the hall giggling.

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