Lady from Day ePub/MOBI

I am selling an ePub edition of Lady From Day directly from my website. I also have included a MOBI edition (this is a great combined deal). The MOBI edition is what I have recently updated my Kindle version to so on the Kindle Fire it will display with embedded custom fonts (and will look more like the print …

Firedancer Cover

I decided to continue the look I had been going for with the rest in the series. Since the main character lives in a forest and humid climate, I decided to make her more ethnic, and especially as she is Chalosian.

Lady From Day (Print Version)

Lady From Day is available for $12.99 through Amazon, $11.99 for a signed copy from my website, and will also be available on Barnes & Noble. Buy Paperback at Amazon Buy Paperback from me Because of the amount of editing on this, I’ve also made updates to Smashwords/Kindle. If you have a Smashwords copy, be sure to visit the page …

Lady From Day Formats

You can get Lady From Day from a variety of vendors. I will be making a print version soon (soon being a relative word – it all depends on how long it takes for the edits to come back). Click the icons to take yourself to the store pages.


Firedancer will be the third novel in the Tales of Orinda series. It will feature a mage this time, one who can control fire. This mage grows up in Chalos, a daughter to a candle-maker. I’m on the fence on whether I want to keep with the graphic theme on the front from the other two books.

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