Tales of Orinda

The Tales of Orinda are a series of young adult fantasy novels written by April Sadowski. Please explore the site for story excerpts and news.

A glossary of terms is available for reading here.


Lady From Day
Traveling through the lands of Aelisonia, Lia and her band of adventurers hear a tale of an unusual illness that has caused the land of Feyris to go into famine and the disappearance of Queen Daylat.

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There was a song of a rhymester in Kyrie that spoke of a girl born on the fifth day of the fifth month under a full luna and under her rule, the lands of Orinda would be at peace and the clans within it would be united as one.

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The candle burns, flickering in the light, and as the Chalosian Chandler’s daughter flicked her fingers, the flame transformed into something completely different.

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